women under ISIS

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Surname Instructor Course Date Women under ISIS Introduction Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was originally a fall apart group of al-Qaida. It is a terrorist organization whose objective is to establish a caliphate. Caliphs are believed to be second in command to Prophet Mohamed. They wield strong political and religious leaders. ISIS activities target countries with Islamic majorities with nonexistence governments like Syria, Libya and Iraq. If they succeed to establish caliphates in these countries, they want to create governments ruled by Sharia laws. Such governments would be similar to the ancient societies of Islam. The group is ruthless and kills enemies by crucifixion, beheading, and execution. Women play an active role in ISIS because they facilitate recruitment, training, fighters, enforce Sharia laws and are used to collect intelligence for the terrorist group. In some incidences, they arrange marriages by providing ‘brides' for fighters. According to rules of ISIS, women are not victims but rather are accomplices who help terrorist organizations achieve their roles by carrying out assigned duties. Women carry out recruitment for the ISIS at family and community levels. At a family level, women ensure that their family members join ISIS. They provide their sons and even spouses to join ISIS who carry out combat functions. At the community level, women carry out secrete recruitments on social media, at mosques and Madrasas (Islamic classes). On social media, they target countries like US, UK, France, Kenya, and so on. They carry out sensitization among their members on the need to join ISIS to protect Islamic beliefs and improve social

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