Women Should Be

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Admission Essay “Women should not do that” or “that is not lady like,” are comments I grew up hearing, and one whose significance I did not initially understand. However, it was always a pain being denied the opportunity to do activities that I loved, because I was a girl. It had started with picking apart devices in the house like remote controls and toys, which always got me into trouble as I would expertly disassemble but fail in assembling them again. I would quickly turn new pink doll sets into parts instead of playing dress up with them. Due to this insistent love for tampering with devices and curiosity with field animals and insects, one can only imagine the number of times I got scolded for not towing the “lady-like” line. As I grew older, I could now manage to reassemble the parts I had removed and stopped pulling out insect legs, hoping to insert them later. I got a small light microscope and binoculars kit that I used to explore the rich biological activity of plants and insects near our home and explore the open sky at night. With friends, we would then follow YouTube tutorials and the NASA website to understand what we saw from our escapades. My love and curiosity for science, which had in part been fuelled by the challenge to the reject the notion of “behaving like a girl”, grew. I graduated to riding and repairing bikes, an activity that came so naturally to me, to a point I was my brother’s trainer when he was learning to cycle. It was common to find me with oily hands from fixing the bike chains and trying to take apart my brother's bike. Luckily, I did not get scolded as much, when my many mini experiments failed since I had graduated

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