Women should be supported in political offices

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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Women in leadership In history, women were rarely included in political issues. In fact, women did not have rights to vote or even to vie for electro position. Women were mostly portrayed in stereotypical roles such as mothers and wives. Hence women have overcome a lot of challenges so as to gain these rights. Despite a significant progress having being made in the last two centuries women are still underrepresented in political offices and other leadership positions worldwide. Though there are a few women who have joined politics and successfully run for even the high offices such as the presidency, there is still enormous room for improvement for women to be supported so that they can join politics. Having more women in elected positions upholds democratic values, and it also promotes fairness. Various studies have also indicated that having more women legislatures makes a great difference regarding the policies that get passed. Women lawmakers tend to contribute to the formulation of more progressive policies than their male counterparts. Women contribute to policies that deal with things such as the comprehensive support for families, environment, violence prevention and macroeconomic management ("19th Global Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum" n.p.). Women tend to introduce more bills than men that deal with issues such as health, civil rights, education, and labor. As a result, nations that tend to elect more women to political offices and other leadership positions end up having better economic performance. Hence it is necessary for more women to be encouraged to join politics by addressing the challenges that they

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