Women in Prisons

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Women in Prisons Author’s Name Institution Abstract The following is an annotated bibliography of six articles related to women and correctional facilities. Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods will be used where each category has two articles. In quantitative research, statistical methods of data analysis are applied whereas in qualitative research non-statistical approaches of data analysis are applied. In a mixed methods research, both qualitative and quantitative measures are applied. One of the articles used aims at showing the efficiency of Community Relapse Prevention and Maintenance when it comes to reconviction reduction. The second article used aims at establishing the nature of violent crimes women commit and what contributes to them engaging in such acts. The third article tries to ascertain what will make an offender perceive a prison as being safe than their previous environment. The fourth article shows why prisoners will engage in self-injurious behaviors. The fifth article focuses on indicating how to reduce suicide rates in correctional facilities. The last article aims at showing how therapy can be used in reconviction reduction of sexual offenders. Introduction The following is an annotated bibliography discussing offenders, especially those in female correctional facilities. The articles used are scholarly since they have been used by other researchers in their studies. The articles have different topics ranging from substance abuse to sexual offenders. Further, the researchers employ unique study designs depending on the nature of their research question. Quantitative article one: A Correlational Design Matheson, F.

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