Women in Australia

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Women in Australia have had to undergo severe hardships throughout the history of the nation. This harsh treatment began during the colonial era where women had little to no rights at all. It was a difficult time to be a woman as men had a stranglehold on women’s independence and controlled just about everything that pertained to women. They could not be allowed to think or reason for themselves. Many men believed that the role of women was confined to the kitchen and homestead in general where they were restricted to duties of taking care of their husbands and children. However, they could not be suppressed for long and during the 19th Century, their social status began to rise, and they began to be recognized during the latter part of the 1800s. Women were instrumental in the fight for independence and as the nation gained freedom, it was impossible to sideline them and say that they had not contributed to the struggle that Australia had faced. The following essay will look at the influence of women in Australia throughout the period of colonization to the First World War and the struggles that they faced during this time. The British laid siege in Australia in 1788. This would mark the beginning of the efforts for the Aboriginals and women in particular. The conflict between Aboriginals and Europeans grew gradually. At first, the foreigners were tolerated and even occasionally welcomed, but it quickly became apparent that they had come to stay CITATION Ausnd p n.p l 1033 (Australian War Memorial n.p). Competition for space and food increased and the natives felt that the foreigners had to go back. The life of Aboriginal women was particularly uncomfortable as they

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