Women Filmmakers

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Women Filmmakers Abstract The purpose of the paper and the poster is to create awareness on the role played by women as directors, screenwriters, and producers in the film industry. Most women act rather than work behind the camera. Therefore, the poster aims at giving inspiring women to explore their potential as far as technical filmmaking is concerned. More so, it mentions the names of prominent personalities and their famous films as a strategy for motivation. For instance, Antonia Bird with the movie, “Mad love” and Kathryn Bigelow with "Hurt Locker" are among the modern female directors with an outstanding presence in the industry. The poster also cites some challenges which reduce the number of female directors. Some of the reasons include sexist remarks, systematic degradation of women, long hours of work, and male-dominated audience. Nonetheless, film companies are urged to promote female directors with the hope of creating healthy competition aimed at development. Women Filmmakers Women in filmmaking happen to be a minority group when compared to their male counterparts. Most of the people are men whether it is producing, directing, or simply holding a camera. As such, I decided to conduct research aimed at creating awareness of those incredible women behind the camera. Also, I hope to encourage young girls to focus on technical work in the film industry as opposed to always being in front of the camera. The film industry has existed for many decades and awards for performance for the technical crew developed at a certain point. Interestingly enough, no female director has even won an Oscar. Cochrane (2012) posits that there are some promising names such

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