Women are more nurturing managers than men.

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Women are More Nurturing Managers Than Men Author’s Name Institution Lecturer Due Date In the early years, the very idea of women as leaders ceased to exist. The female gender was meant for roles other than those that involved power. The woman was to be seen and not to get heard. Moreover, there barely existed any laws defending the rights of women since the gender seemed complacent and comfortable with their position in society. However, with time situations and beliefs revolutionized and currently, it is not rare to hear about women in leadership positions. This shift in the societal notion of power makes it possible to debate about this statement to prove its truth. This statement that women are more nurturing managers than men does not marginalize either men or women. Instead, it is meant to shed light on an essential aspect of how fast women have climbed up the ladder to get compared with their male counterparts. Since men and women exhibit different traits as well as characteristics, this means that they cannot manage their tasks entirely in the same manner. Men and women think and act differently most of the time that is why they should not be expected to make the same decisions regarding roles given to them at work (Krotz, 2006). This aspect explains why men are more competition oriented while women are more focused on stronger relations at work that leads to better performance and growth of those they direct. Krotz (2006) states that statistics and studies have shown that a higher percentage of people agree that indeed women are better managers. However, it is worth noting that even with this admission most companies are yet to embrace this fact.

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