Women allowed in combat

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Women Allowed in Combat Introduction Traditions are often discarded and thrown away during times of great need, and the times of war are not any different. History is full of moments where women took dramatic roles that would have never been conceived of during other periods. “During the pressing demands of the two world wars of the 20th century as well as the American civil and revolutionary war of the 19th century and 18th century respectively” (Nuciari 14), women were beckoned to boost the ranks of the armed forces in various jobs, which range from nursing the wounded to taking up arms on the front-line. In particular, “about 30000 American women served in the American military during the first world war, and after that hundreds of thousands served in the second world war, and they also flew military aircraft for the first time during the war” (De Pauw 281). In 1948, the US Congress approved women status in the regular forces, although it restricted their numbers who could be enlisted as army soldiers to a mere two percent of the ranks. This rule only lasted until 1967. The ‘risk rule' put in place in 1988 barred women from even noncombat roles because such roles expose them to unnecessary risks from direct conflicts, capture or enemy gunfire. The near universal support for equality calls for inclusion of women in all cadres of the military, including combat fronts. Physical Ability According to Sherrow (33), “women lack heavy items.” Some women in the military have proven themselves to be physical, emotionally and ethically competent in leading and executing a combat-type

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