Woman of the north hear my cry

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Pursuit to End Slavery Jacob’s story is a woman’s story because it radically brings out the issues of female bondage as well as sexual abuse from a female's perspective in a more enthusiastic way. Jacobs' narrative focuses on their rights to protect their families. The story describes the fight for freedom for women. According to Jacobs, slavery was “far more terrible for women.” It is widely observed in the narrative that apart from the brutalities and saddening horrific acts enslaved men had to go through, women also bore the added pain of being separated from their kids. Also, women were often used as “breeders.” They were forced to get more children to add to the “stock” of their masters in an inhumane way, especially taking into mind the connection between a mother and her child, were denied the chance to care for their young ones (Jacobs, Child, and Yellin, 258). It was not a surprise for the master to satisfy his lust using the female slaves. The master coerced them to bear his kids which amounted to rape. Women slaves could be separated from their children at any moment, and regardless of being from the same master, oppressing labor laws, and plantation policies mostly hindered the growth of their relationships. It is majorly through her double role as both a mother and a slave that Harriet Jacobs in this narrative gets the push in forging forward her social identity and arm herself with the necessities to hold resistance and refuse slavery. Through her narrator's motherly ideologies, Jacobs disagrees with everyday thoughts regarding black females neglect to their young ones and as well as the majority of the

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