Woman in Society

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Woman in Society Name Institution Affiliation Abstract This paper focuses on the role of women in a given society during a specific era. In particular, it aims to identify and discuss the contributions that women made in the American society during the feminist movement. The essay begins by looking at the start of the feminist campaign, before revealing the part that women played. Feminism is a thought that dates back to the late 19th century, with Mary Wollstonecraft assuming the position of the mother of feminism via some of her works which fought for women’s interests and rights. Afterward, the paper focuses on the growth of the movement as American women began making more efforts to enjoy same liberties as men. This essay also shows that African American women had a crucial role to play as the 20th century approached. Finally, the paper mentions some recent (21st century) events that women have participated in, to show that women continue advancing the feminist thought. Keywords: Women, Feminist Movement, Feminism The Role of Women in The American Society during The Feminist Movement Women have been pivotal to the rise and subsequent growth of the feminist thought. Feminism dates back to the 18th century when women began making efforts to ensure that they live fully and comfortably in a male-dominated society. Individual women have contributed to the progress made by the feminist movement, and they represent the overall efforts by women during this era. Mary Wollstonecraft (a British woman) is arguably the first female to support feminism and pave the way for its birth in 1792 (Head, 2017). Wollstonecraft wrote a book (A Vindication of the Rights of

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