Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Erik Satie

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The intent of this thesis is to engender a deep insight of two notable characters of their time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Erik Satie. These two figures were great composers who lived in the years 1756 -1791 and 1866-1925 respectively. The paper thus delves into the life and career of these two characters to bring out the similarities and differences. While there are some superficial differences on how the two characters handled the stresses that came up with life, their similarities in various aspects such as the beginning of the composing career and their conscientiousness towards their career are also greatly pronounced all of which are discussed in the paper. The similarities possessed by the two figures is at this moment described right from their start of their composing careers to the end. The first similarity between the two we note that both of them were exposed to the musical world at a very young age with each manifesting an astute strength in the field resulting in them making great strides in their composing careers. For instance, Wolfgang at the age of five years he had already composed and performed at the European royalty. He also possessed expertise in playing the violin and the keyboard. The same applied to Erik Satie who at the age of 6 years he had started receiving training from a local organist and consequently at the age of 12 years he was able to learn the piano with the help of her stepmother and by his efforts (Whiting 13). However, in their lives, the two possess two distinct weaknesses in handling life matters. It is noted that at the helm of Wolfgang's career and when he was making a great income, Wolfgang indulged in extravagant activities

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