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Data Student’s name University affiliation Date: Good Data The key to proper services in any health institution, academic or a business enterprise is the maintenance of good data. Successful organizations have defined procedures and regulations guiding their daily operations. Failure to keep proper data in hospital disposes of the patients to significant dangers and confusion to their health officers. Therefore, it is prudent always to keep updated records to have fruitful results and cohesive operations within an organization. This paper will answer a few questions on how a hospital should enforce certain policies and actions taken to ensure that the employees do not skew the data. To start with, patients must be transferred from one department to another in a formal manner, policies governing the movements and the last reception should be established. Departmental supervisors should be to judge of the whole process so that each employee working under them are made liable for any problem that may arise during the process. Policies that controls the employees’ behaviour should be in place, some of them undertake their patients lightly. Proper education on handling data and working with data storage devices such as computers should be done to the responsible members. Transmission of data from one database to another should be handled keenly. If confusion occurs, the lives of the relevant patients would be in danger. Materials of different colours ought to be used as a mechanism of distinguishing departmental documents, this eases working and reduces errors experienced during job administration. In conclusion, it is the mandate of every organization dealing

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