Wk 5 Critical Thinking (222)

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Crime Scene Processing Student Name Institution Things Done When Processing a Scene Processing is an essential step in crime scene investigation. Through this action, the crime scene technician looks for evidence. The evidence can either be physical or testimonial. Furthermore, the crime scene technicians recognise, assess, and gather physical evidence from the scene for further analysis at the laboratories. Processing, as a step, involves other sub-steps that include careful examination, note taking, sketching, photography and finally collection of evidence. Below is an explanation of some of the aspects of crime scene investigation. As some criminal justice scholars claim, note taking is one of the most significant aspects of the crime scene investigation. Therefore, extensive note-taking is required and recommended as it is ideal for the retrieval of evidence. The notes captured in this process should contain certain elements that differentiate them from the general records. For instance, the notes should be obtained as events unfold, and in chronological order. To achieve this, detailed step by step actions should be captured. Moreover, the records should be complete, thorough, precise and legibly captured. Moreover, unexpected situations, at the area of crime need not to be recorded in the notes. Instead, the crime scene investigator should be specific, avoiding vague words that might create misunderstandings when analysing the evidence. Besides note taking, Sketching is also another essential step carried out during crime scene investigation. Sketches and diagrams are indispensable tools during crime scene investigation as they show measurements.

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