Wk 15-Risk Analysis Tools

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Name Instructor Course Date Risk analysis tools The risk analysis worksheet offers an assessment regarding the threats to an organization’s security plans on critical infrastructure. The risk analysis worksheet puts into consideration the organization's architecture by identifying the relevant risks related to security threats and other vulnerabilities while assigning a value that indicates the likelihood of the identified risk taking place. Additionally, the worksheet is used to assign values of the impact of the identified threat which constitutes to the final figure used for determining the overall level of risk. One disadvantage of the risk analysis worksheet is that it analyzes specific threats and the potential impacts on the various infrastructure without considering other threat factors. For instance, the total points that determine the risk level do not show an apparent distribution of the threat since other risk factors are not put into consideration as is the case of the risk assessment worksheet. By finding the average score in the threat, consequence, and vulnerability assessment, the risk assessment worksheet gives a better distribution and a better understanding of the vulnerabilities faced by the organization. Therefore, the risk assessment sheet is more representative of the threats than the risk analysis worksheet. Concurrently, the risk analysis worksheet is not as effective as the risk assessment worksheet since the level of risk is based on individual scores of the identified threat. For example, the total score, which is determined by the summation of various risk scores, determines the risk level in the case of the risk assessment

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