Witchcraft in Europe in the middle Ages

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The discussion of witchcraft in Europe has been full of intrigues, especially regarding the fascinating accounts of bizarre deliberations of women partaking in the phenomenon. There is much diversity in the beliefs concerning witchcraft practices. There are those that hold a belief in the existence of the notion as a malevolent force while others regard it as a fabrication, (Anderson & Gordon, 171). There are two main approaches in the discussion of witchcraft in Europe. There is the intellectual history which entails the view from above. On the hand, there is the social development which regards the view from beneath, (Monter, 436). There is an observed shift in the sociological study of deviant behavior, (Currie, 8). Much of the change is in the manner of identification and analysis of various social control systems. This approach is very much applicable in the discussion of the varying perspectives of witchcraft in Europe in the middle ages. The focus is in the distinction of crimes and criminals in the phenomenon. In the discussion of witchcraft in Europe in the middle Ages, there is a close association of the subject with the study of women history, (Barstow, 8). In the debate, persecution of witchcraft as an element of women in the history becomes very much highlighted. There is an appreciation of the fact that there has been carrying out of various studies concerning witchcraft in Europe in the middle ages, (Wiley & Sons, 165). Following the studies, there has been the release of various books and article which come in handy for any scholar with the zeal to grasp a thing or two on the subject. The study of with craft in Europe in the Middle Ages, and in

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