Wind energy

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Wind Energy Outlooks renewable energy has gained substantial audience after environmental degradation awareness and scarcity of fossil energy resources. Wind energy is among the most widely implemented renewable energy resources that possess the potential of enhanced research and development. Different outlooks for its application in various climates and environmental conditions are under consideration; however, harvesting energy through wind energy is a potential new outlook for most of the third-world countries. Wind energy offers environmental sustainability. Fossil fuels that include coal, petroleum fuels and natural gas provide high energy production. However, they are significantly damaging and detrimental for the environment. USA’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (1) has stated that the wind energy is could be damaging to the local wildlife and habitat. However, the damages caused by the fossil fuels consumption outweigh that of wind energy. Fossil fuels cause land, sea and air pollution while damaging the local habitat and wildlife pattern. On the other hand, wind energy have limited outlooks for damage that can be rectified with careful positioning of wind power stations in areas having limited or no birds migration activities. Electricity generation is dependent on four common factors; namely, cost of CO2 emissions, fuel cost, operations and maintenance (O&M) cost and capital cost. In this regard, fuel price is highly susceptible to international and political dynamics. Another factor of CO2 consumption is included to regulate electricity generation companies to limit their CO2 contribution to environment. However, as

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