Wind Energy and Vehicle to Grid Advancement

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Wind Energy is among the most widely utilized renewable energy generation methods all across the globe. Harnessing the potential of wind has provided both developed and developing countries with an outlook of better and enhanced economic and environmental sustainability outlooks. Apart from that, the dependency on fossil fuel electricity generation is highly dependent on global and local market dynamics and political diasporas. European and North American countries have shown tremendous potential for intermittent renewable energy generation during the last three decades. In this regard, massive infrastructure about wind energy generation has been installed and successfully operated in Spain (16 GW) and Germany (26 GW) (Europe Wind Integration Study, 2010, p.2). Apart from that, similar wind power energy infrastructure has been made available in Portugal, Denmark, and Ireland having capacities of 3.4 GW, 3.3 GW, and 1.5 GW respectively (Europe Wind Integration Study, 2010, p.2). To achieve energy targets of Europe, Europe's 2020 plan has also been set in motion to move the economy towards renewable energy. Wind Energy IntegrationPresent Geographical Energy Generation OutlooksWind energy is energy sector that is faced with various challenges, and one of the most major challenges is the intermittent power supply to the electricity grid. Apart from that, the variation of wind velocity and direction makes the process quite difficult to handle. Hence, a different alternative that includes Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology has been tested and implemented. Also, at this very nascent stage, the electricity grid are not designed to withstand the intermittent power supply. This

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