William Jennings Bryan’s Last Campaign by Stephen jay Gould

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Stephen Jay Gould draws implications that link the end of controversy on evolution vs. creation to the contributions made by the Arkansas Supreme Court. He attributes the end of the dispute to the decisions made by Supreme Court following the 7-2 vote that favored the evolution. He indicates that this ruling was victorious after long waits and legality struggles underwent despite holding sympathetic attitudes to William Jennings Bryan termed as the loser. The resultant from this decision propagated the teaching and embracing of the science of evolution in schools and community. The Supreme Court referenced its decision on the fact that there is no enough facts and ideas that support the existence of God. Gould expresses a surety and high beliefs that there was an end to the last campaign following the clear and vigorous ruling by the court. He assumes that the Bryan had to acknowledge defeat suffered in their legislative strategy. Bryan had high levels and mighty power in the fight to curb evolution compared to any other individual in the fundamentalist movement. It is because he possessed great and massive legal skills that enabled him to auger well with the evolution fight in the American history. Further, Willian Jennings Bryan succumbed to death just after the ruling hence resulting to a significant blow on the legal tussle hence making Gould form a conclusion thought of an end to the legislative attempts. Since Bryan was the greatest proponent, he had significant roles in the scope of trials, anti-revolutionary movements, and the Supreme Court ruling in the crisis of evolution and creation. It is thus indicative that all these instances would never have happened

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