Will Robots become “Co-workers” in Health Care?

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Robots in the Healthcare Student’s Name University Affiliation Will Robots become "Co-workers" in Health Care? Globalization and urbanization have enabled various advancements in machinery including robotics. The changes have allowed a shift from the regular information to knowledge-based society. However, the main issue of contention is the possibility of robots replacing the workforce, especially in the healthcare sectors. This concern has attracted both admiration and discontent based on the ethical, safety, and efficiency of the machines to perform critical functions of saving the human life. The uncertainty of the machines to deliver these essential services has led to reluctance in the rate of technological adoption in the healthcare services. However, as evidenced in the research, robots can never replace human workers in the health sector. Instead, the robots can complement the services of clinicians to conduct safe service delivery and enhance the efficiency of the healthcare to handle the ever increasing and multiplicity of patient and health challenges respectively. Robotics in Healthcare Notably, with the increasing life expectancy from 69.8 years in 1960 to 78.8 years today, the ‘Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention’ (CDC) suggests the significance of new approaches to treatment and medical care. Although robotic health may not completely replace the health workers, it may offer some critical assistance. It is evident that the healthcare ecosystem is evolving at a faster rate from clinical healthcare at a distance (telemedicine) to stimulated and monitored nervous system (bioelectronics). For the past 100 years, the remarkable achievement in

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