why you would like to study at Webster University (Geneva) . You may also describe a special area of interest, experience or achievement.

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Student: Instructor: Course: Date: Reasons for Studying at Webster University Webster University is among the top universities offering an undergraduate course in political science. I can confidently say, I settled to make my application to Webster university due to its’ outstanding reviews by its former graduate, exceptional performance, and its unquestionable reputation all played a big role in ensuring I made the right choice. Webster is also among the few universities that require their students to uphold the highest moral grounds and instill values of humility and service to the humanity. I can say that moved me and I am more than ready to join the university and ensure that I gained those values and virtues. Once I am through with my degree program my desire is to continue with my studies in the same institution and join the postgraduate programs in the same department of political science. I have always been fascinated by politics, how it has the power to positively impact many lives and that has been my major driving motivation to learn more about it. I have also come to learn that politics is one of the few things that are closely intertwined with life, bad politics perpetuated by greed and self-centered leaders will mostly beget poor living standards, low social status, and lowly placed economy of the society. But good politics played based on facts, good communication between the electorate and its elected leaders, who clearly understand the power solely reside with the people and that they are the only custodian of that power, and also that they only push the interests of the masses first before theirs then we are mostly going to have a

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