why you should save money

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Name Professor's Name Course Number Date Why would you save money? Good morning everybody. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this valuable information with you. You often read in books and hear people say that it is necessary to save money. Today I want to talk about saving money. Saving money is a good habit that should be encouraged from a tender age (Fisher & Sophia, 65). When you learn how to save money while you are young, you are guaranteed a stable and a better future. Everybody is susceptible to an emergency. However, the success by which you can overcome emergencies depends on how much money you have at your disposal. Therefore, the savings can help one to overcome the emergencies that may interfere with normal operations of your daily lives (Deaton & Christina 99). Unexpected emergencies can come in many ways, such as hospitalization, job loss, accidents, or any other crisis. On the same note, our friends can encounter some emergencies in their lives. We can quickly help our friends overcome their emergencies only if we have enough savings at our disposal. The children need to be taught how to save money from their tender age to enable them to develop the culture of savings and investment (Ruefenacht et al. 37). Savings helps the parents to teach their children how to be independent. You can only be independent when you have reasonable savings. Saving helps the children to buy most of the stuff they may need in their life. For the students, the savings can help them to acquire items such as books, computers, and even food. Therefore, the savings help the children to live a stable life in their academic life. Samwich

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