Why Turkish Students Prefer Studying in the USA

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Introduction Since the year 2000, Turkey has recorded a remarkable number of students going to study in the United States. Upward trajectories of more than 10,000 students each year go to study in the U.S, which translates to an annual spending into the billions. The staggering numbers pale in comparison with some European countries such as Britain and Germany that sends approximately 9,000 and 9,300 students to the U.S. (Guttenplan 1). Students go to study a broad spectrum of disciplines in the U.S. such as engineering, Information Technology (IT), and medicine. It is also important to note that many students attend community colleges where they major in disciplines such as tourism management and agriculture. The reasons for the upsurge of Turkish students to study in the U.S. include the stable economy at home, the flexibility of choosing courses in the U.S., and the U.S. being a world leader in certain disciplines. Body The stable economy in Turkey implies that more families can afford the tuition fee and expenses that are synonymous with studying in the U.S. Over the last decade, Turkey’s economic growth has seen a rapid increase, and this wealth increase has made the cost of America education affordable to a number of families in Turkey. The International Monetary Fund defined Turkey's economy as an emerging market, and the country boasts as one of the most developed countries in the world. All these economic developments have resulted in a strong middle-class. Further, Turkey is among the leading producers of textiles, ships, agricultural products, construction material, and home appliances. Turkish students prefer studying in the U.S. because of the flexibility

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