Why organizations don’t learn

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Why Organizations Don’t Learn Name: Tutor: Institution Affiliations: Abstract Many leaders believe that for them to be competitive, their businesses should learn and improve continuously. However, this is not a simple task because even well-known companies find it difficult to practice what they say to the public. A good example of such businesses that have failed to live by what they say is like Toyota. Their tendency to learn is hindered by bias toward success. Bias toward success comes from the obsession with success and failing to appreciate that failure is also a chance for learning and progressing. This bias raises other four challenges which are fear of fail, rigid mindset, overdependence on past performance and association bias. There is a bias toward action which makes leaders think that the only way to solve an issue is by undertaking tasks first instead of strategizing or taking the time to review what was not done correctly. They prefer acting even if the action is not going to be productive. They also think that planning is a waste of time. There is also inclination toward fitting in where employees believe that they should conform to the organization which makes them fail to use their strengths. Finally, there is a bias toward experts.   Many managers hold on to the fact that for their businesses to remain at the top, they should learn and make improvements daily. However, even those companies known for their commitment towards getting informed continuously do not always live by what they say. Toyota is a good example of a well-known enterprise that has failed due to their persistence in continuous learning. There exist four examples of

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