why laws should be stricter on drunk drivers

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Why Laws Should Be Stricter To Drunk Drivers Author Institutional affiliation Abstract Many drivers have been the cause of many deaths that have been occurring on a daily basis. Many of this deaths usually happen at night since those drivers take alcohol after their jobs. Several severe accidents occurred in many countries where many people lost their lives while others are being injured and left disabled for the rest of their life. There are stories that I have personally experienced that make me too highly condemn the drunk drivers. Facts and statistics that many researchers have posted in different online websites also insist in making the law for drunk drivers to be stricter. The government has also introduced new laws while introducing some more to the drunk drivers in ensuring that those who are caught drunkard are being punished. This will highly discourage the use of excessive alcohol to drivers thus minimizing the impacts that are being caused by them. Why Laws Should Be Stricter To Drunk Drivers Drunk drivers have been causes of deaths all over the world. To prevent the occurrences of this deaths, various laws have been passed and implemented especially against drunk drivers behind the wheel. These drunk drivers behind the wheel put the life of the passengers and the other road users at the risk of losing their lives, and others left disabled. According to ("Drunk driving statistics," 2016), many accidents have been happening at night as many people get drunk after jobs. Many of those accidents are very fatal wherein many of them all victims lost their lives or become disabled in the rest of their lives. I support the laws to be stricter to the drunk

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