Why is the teen pregnancy rate so high in the U.S.?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Why Teen Pregnancy Is High In U.S Teen pregnancy has been a major concern over the past decades. Although the number has declined in the recent years, the United States still lags in containing the issue. According to Darroch, Singh, and Frost, U.S records the highest number of teen pregnancies among the five leading developed countries (1). One out of every four teen girls aged between 15-19 years is likely to get pregnant. Despite the country having a high per capita income and equal industrialization as the other four countries, it differs in the quality of health care services offered to teenagers, social support and how they address the issue of sexuality and attitudes in adolescents. According to reports, teens in the U.S are likely to give birth four times higher than those in Germany or Norway, and two and a half times compared to those of Canada. Teen pregnancy varies across different states of U.S. Teenagers in Mississippi are four times likely to give birth than teenagers living in New Hampshire. This paper seeks to find reasons as to why teen pregnancy remains high in the United States. One of the major contributors of teen pregnancy is less favorable socioeconomic factors. Such may include low education level, low-income level, single parent family setups, being black or Hispanic, and living in unequal society. These factors lead young teens to get pregnant at high rates. Essentially, this happens when they have low self-esteem emanating from low economic status or social pressures. Thia drives them to make choices that suit their short-term satisfaction. Teen women with low socioeconomic status

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