Why is Tanning in the sun Dangerous?

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Why is tanning in the sun Dangerous? Name Institutional affiliations Date Why Is Tanning in the Sun Dangerous? Tanning is a process where skin color is darkened. It results from the exposure of ultraviolet radiation from the sun or other artificial sources, such as indoor tanning lamps. People who intentionally tan their skins will be engaging in a recreational activity of sunbathing. Some of the people will utilize products of chemical nature which produce a tanning effect without being exposed to ultraviolet rays; this is referred to as sunless tanning. When people get exposed to the sun moderately; it enhances the production of vitamin D and melanin by the human body. But when there is excessive exposure of ultraviolet rays to the body it will always have adverse health effects, such as sunburn and increase the risk of contracting skin cancer, accelerate aging and depresses the immune system. People have different rates of tanning, which result from having different skin types. One of the dangers of tanning in the sun is sunburn, the speed at which this happens varies among individuals. It refers to a form of radiation burn which alters the living tissue, which occurs because of overexposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Common symptoms include red skin that is hot when touched, painful and having general fatigue. Excess ultraviolet radiation can always be life-threatening. However, when the skin is exposed to fewer ultraviolet rays, it will lead to suntan. Tanning in the sun may lead to skin cancer. Frequent sun tanning triples the risk of contracting melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Several scientific research which has been

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