Why I decided to attend college

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Student Name: Professor: Course Title: Date Due: Why I Decided to Attend College In this modernized age, education has proved to be a core pillar in leading a better life. Research has proved that persons who receive better or higher education are likely to be successful in a wide range of areas in life. After graduating with a high school diploma, I chose to attend college to enhance my level of education as well as put myself in a better position for affluent job opportunities. As I will highlight, attending college will enable me to get a degree, job opportunities, and gain self-sufficiency. The core reason that influenced my decision to attend college is to obtain a degree. Aside from my high school diploma, attending college will be an opportunity for me to attain my educational goal of having a degree. I feel that attending college is like going to the gym, one may find it hectic and tiresome, but the benefits accruing from the exercise are very important. There are other people out there who may wish to enrol for a college degree but lack the financial support or fail to meet academic requirements. Therefore, by choosing to attend college, I will avoid the feeling of guilt and regret in future times. Also, attaining a degree from college will be both a personal and family achievement. As the first born, I will set a good example and be a role model to encourage my siblings to pursue higher levels of education. A college degree will help me get lucrative job opportunities hence earn a better salary in my employment. According to statistics, employed personnel who have a college degree earn better income as compared to their counterparts with a basic high

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