why does the EU not have a constitution? How can we understand the treaty of lisbon?

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European Union: Constitution and Lisbon Treaty Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation European Union: Constitution and Lisbon Treaty Since its inception in 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community, member states of the European Union (EU) have endeavored to promote cooperation and integration. This attempt has been made possible through the endorsement of numerous treaties designed to govern member states. Nonetheless, the intricacies and bulk of legislation make policymaking an uphill task, resulting in confusions and difficulties in operating institutions. For some, this huddles could be overcome by consolidating all the EU treaties in one concise document to form a constitution. While this view is widely held by the majority of member states, the EU still lacks a working constitution. Herein, a brief discussion covers why the EU has no constitution. Subsequently, an analysis of the Lisbon Treaty will follow, in an attempt to comprehend it. Why the EU Lacks a Constitution The argument for an EU constitution is that it will streamline legislation processes and improve the efficiency of institutions. Nonetheless, efforts to draft and ratify a common constitution for all EU members have been futile. The Constitutional Treaty was the closest the EU came to having a unified body of law. The drafting of the European Constitutional Treaty (ECT) began in December 2001, following the Laeken Declaration CITATION Too10 l 2057 (Toops, 2010). The objective, to unite previous treaties in an abridged document that would dictate the organization, processes, and competencies of the EU. The drafting process took two years and produced a 250-long page document. While it

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