Why do you want to pursue an MS-MIS Degree at Mays Business School (TAMU)?

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NameInstructor Course Date Admission Essay for Mays Business School The world has moved into an era in which technology dictates a significant portion of human activities. A better understanding of the way technology works provides a platform upon which given stakeholders can foster to improve service delivery to the society. I am interested in pursuing the Master of Science in Management Information System (MS-MIS) Degree at Mays Business School. The skills and knowledge acquired will help me to become a part of the revolutionary population that seeks to improve the life quality of the people. The MS-MIS degree offers an ideal platform to study people, organizations, technology, and the relationships between them. A better understanding of MIS helps businesses to use information systems at all their operational levels for data collection, processing, management, and storage. I wish to study my MS-MIS degree at Mays because of the reputation that the institution provides to its students with regards to the exploration of available career options. Besides, Mays provides students with a unique avenue to exploit their potential for the areas in which they show much potential and interest. Of particular concern to me is the need to work along with women from developing nations. Notably, I believe that further training will provide me with the skills that would help me create an information system that would enable them to sell their art and craft to potential buyers. I have always been amazed by the capacities of such women to utilize waste products and reuse them into useful art and craft materials for the society (Harper 1). Their business serves the environment and

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