Why do we undergo the three-stage process when facing a disaster and what happens when we survive?

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Why Do We Undergo the Three-Stage Process When Facing A Disaster and What Happens When We Survive Disasters are quite common in the recent world ranging from terror attacks to natural calamities like earthquakes. Both man-made and natural calamities are fatal and require people to act with efficiency during such situations to save a life. However, regardless of the imminent danger posed by disasters, people often hesitate from taking the right action thus leading a high number of casualties that would have been avoided had people reacted to the danger immediately. Different researchers have studies human behavior to determine why this slowness of response happens during life-threatening situations and they have come up with three main stages that people go through when in a difficult moment. The three stages include denial, deliberation, and decisive moment (Ripley 65). People go through these stages because they are unable to reconcile the truth, which is an imminent threat, with what they know to be true. People go through these stages because they are faced with a dilemma of deciding what is right between the inborn survival instincts and the societal imprint of being strong and facing danger with courage. Moreover, the process of breaking free from childhood limitations has affected people’s ability to perceive danger and act accordingly. The time taken to perceive the disaster as a real situation determines how fast people respond to these conditions, and ultimately, their survival chances. Genetic and cultural evolution affects how people respond to disasters including their ability to shift from one stage to the other (Stein

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