Why do ethnic differences appear to be increasing in significance worldwide? Do you think the world is changing in ways that make ethnic identity more relevant to people? Why or why not?

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Significance of ethnic differences Ethnicity can be defined as the characterization of individuals based on social grouping, nationality, and cultural traditions Members of the same ethnic group have very many things in common (Khan & Iram 51). It is worth noting that the world since the beginning has been diverse when it comes to the ethnicity. However, recently, the issue of ethnic difference has become very significant worldwide. There are very many factors that are behind the recently witnessed increase in the significance of the ethnic differences globally. One of such factors is the need to understand different students from different ethnic backgrounds as an attempt of providing quality and equity education (Khan & Iram 54). Besides, the need to provide quality healthcare facility for all has increased the significance of ethnic differences in the health sector. Another factor that is behind the increase in the significance of the ethnic difference is the need to understand criminals and to assist the correct their criminal ways (Khan & Iram 56). Moreover, the business world has also found ethnic differences very significant. This is because it enables them to understand their customers with the aim of providing services that are tailored to a given ethnic group. I think that the world is changing in ways that make ethnic identity more relevant to the people. This is because the world is witnessing a rapid change when it comes to very many aspects such as technology, religion, and politics. For example, when it comes to the technology, the world has witnessed some rapid changes, particularly in

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