Why did the Bush administration decide to go to war in Iraq 2003

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REASONS FOR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION’S INVASION OF IRAQ Candidate’s Name Subject’s Name Subject’s Code Date Introduction In March 2003, the US military started a war in Iraq to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein. This invasion lasted less than one and half month. It was characterized by conflict between the coalition forces which was made up of the American, Australia, United Kingdom and Poland forces and Iraqi troops. In the end, coalition forces were victorious but at a price of the death toll of approximately 200 soldiers. Military scholars, as well as other critics, have raised several questions on why the US government together with its partners had to invade Iraq. In this paper, the writer asserts that the US invaded Iraq to restructure the Iraqi regime to impose a democratic government as well as liberalize the Middle East states through Iraq and the atmosphere created by the 9/11 as well as 1991 Gulf War precipitated the Iraq attack. Lastly, the US attacked Iraq because Bush administration believed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Reasons for the US Invasion of Iraq First, the Bush administration had the view of re-creating a new democratic Iraq’s regime (nation-building) so that rather than Iraq being a problem to the Middle East region it would be a solution to liberalize the region. The US held the view that Saddam’s regime was oppressive to the Iraqis and removing Saddam from power would liberate the people. The US neoconservatives pursued the regime revolution within Iraq neoconservatives even ahead of 9/11 occurrence or the coming into power of Bush regime. Historically, America supported as well as gave

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