Why China Can’t Innovate?

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Why Can’t China Innovate? Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Moving Away From Rule-Bound Rote Learning China is currently the second largest and among the most influential economies in the world after the United States. However, in spite of the country’s relevance in today’s world, China’s educational system is wanting. Chinese’ high performance in learning institutions not only in China but also internationally is evident through high scores in all forms of tests. Nevertheless, China’s learning system plays a significant role in limiting its learners from achieving alternative attainments aside from high scores in their examinations. Students in China study by rote, a system endorsed and mandated by the Chinese education system. As a result, Chinese learning institutions emphasize more on high scores which make students focus more cramming and memorizing for tests than critical thinking (Staats 2011). Chinese learners, trainers and the government have a common mentality that high score in exams is the only way for improved social mobility and therefore underpins these people’s less stress on the curriculum. Therefore, the first change needs to start with the Chinese government, which oversees all programs that run in organizations throughout the country. The government will require changing its educational policies and instead replace them with ones that match with modern needs (Staats 2011). For instance, instead of having staff supervising learning bodies, the country should allow school boards and faculties to direct and run the schools individually provided they abide by set policies. Additionally, China needs to be more open

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