Why are some people “evil” whereas others are not?

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Why Are Some People “Evil” Whereas Others Are Not? Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Abstract The behavior of an individual and conduct of activities varies from one person to another. There exists a significant difference between people about how they behave themselves and their view towards the impact of their behavior. Each society has expectations and considerations that are considered either right or wrong. Different social identities share some norms and principles in which the members are regulated to act within such set standards. However, people tend to deviate from the standards through indulging in activities considered as evil. Contrary, others will stick to the right morals, principles and societal considerations of being good. This paper, therefore, explores the reason behind the existence of variation in behavior among individuals in the society. It adopts psychological perspectives which aid in the analysis of this common condition among people in the community. Both cognitive and biological perception has been used in this paper as a guiding tool towards the understanding of this behavior. The cognitive perspective primarily relies on the religious beliefs while the biological perspective in psychology draws its argumentation from the structure of the human gene. What is the reason for the existence of “good” and “evil” people? The concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ had arisen during the early Biblical times when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. In understanding their meanings, right people are those who are considered self-centered while evil people are those involved in acts that show a lack empathy (Taylor 2013).

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