Why are children in the same family different

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Name Instructor Course Date Why Kids from the Same Household are Different Research shows that despite the fact that offspring from similar household, are nearly fifty percent genetically similar, are raised by the same parents, are from the same home, go to the similar schools, and may have many shared experiences they are different (Lalumière, Quinsey and Craig 282). Studies show that offspring from similar household are only identical to one another as they would be to other kids who are growing up in different parts of the town or nation. Also, research shows that non-shared environments, competition, temperaments, and family perception of the sibling are causes of the difference observed between children’s cognitive abilities and personality in the same family. The aim of writing this paper is to discuss what makes siblings from the same home so different from each other. Frank Sulloway, a scholar of Darwin, said that an instrument known as competition pushes evolution. Similarly, in the family context siblings compete for their parent’s time, attention, and love. Therefore, according to the divergence principle, as acknowledged by Darwin, species tend to reduce direct competition between them by causing the species to specialize in different niches. Likewise, in families when one child excels in academics, another child of that family unconsciously or consciously avoids competing with him directly. Therefore, the another child decides to specialize in a different area such as sports to receive the parent’s attention. The non-shared environment is another cause of differences witnessed among siblings. Although, offspring from similar home seem to

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