Whole foods shares salary data with employees

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Name Instructor Course Date  Whole Foods Shares Salary Data with Employees Introduction Whole Foods Market, a chain of grocery shops, has developed a new way to motivate the workforce of the company; by revealing the salary structure to the employees. The fresh produce provider usually has no restrictions on the knowledge of this salary data, with employees free to know what everyone earns through salaries and bonuses. It is believed that understanding this data helps people gauge their success in an organization. Whole Foods are one of the few who use this tactic to motivate their staff, with most of the companies around having a non-disclosure restriction on salary caps in an organization. This practice brings a feeling of trust and transparency, showing the employees that they are an essential part of the company. The practice of revealing salaries can, therefore, enable a company to show the levels that a person needs to get to, and makes them motivated to get there. The Next Person In the modern day and age, companies have been making strides in changing the way they run things. Business strategies from new economic giants like Google have changed the way people view business, with a more open top-down and bottom-up stream of communication (Dusablon 9).Managers are now seen as sources of guidance rather than strict supervisors, with their objectives to foster a unit in the workplace that considers itself a family. This change is evident in Whole Foods, where the managers yet again are used to offer guidance to the employees specifically on salaries. Employees in the company can ask about the salary and bonus allocation of the business with no

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