who moved my cheese?

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Johnson, Spencer. “Who Moved My Cheese?” New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1998. Print. Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Who Moved My Cheese? Summary Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson includes four characters in which two are mice and two are human beings. The mice are identified as Scurry and Sniff while the humans, who are of equal size to the mice, are identified as Haw and Hem. The characters reside in a maze whereby it is necessary for them to locate cheese for their survival. Scurry and Sniff have a simple method of finding the cheese that involves examining each path till they locate cheese. However, the humans hold the view that they are more rational than the mice and hence employ complex methods. On a particular day, the party manages to locate a huge amount of cheese in a particular spot. They perceive that the cheese is sufficient for them and that it will last for a long time and hence spend plenty of time on the spot. The human beings develop arrogance in which they brag about the cheese, fail to appreciate it and hence sticking to their old behavior. However, the mice are ready for any change and hence ready to move in case the cheese finishes. The cheese finishes which prompts the mice to move to look for more. The humans, on the other hand, do not foresee the end of the cheese as a result of their arrogance and hence do not move when it finishes but rather remain in that particular spot with the fear if what might be beyond them. They perceive that the cheese was entitled to them and hence the phrase, “Who moved my cheese?” (Johnson). However, Hem becomes enlightened to move forward and look for more cheese. Haw, on the

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