Whether a Relationship Exists between Equity and Inclusion and its Effects on Employee Engagement

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Equity, Inclusion, and the Link between Employee Engagements Jessica Linton University Affiliation Abstract Employee engagement is now a top priority among senior business executives. Having a workforce constituted of high-performing employees is important for business survival. Business leaders know that having employees that are highly motivated results in bottom-line performance, productivity, as well as innovation. There is, also, a cost reduction of retaining and hiring top talents in the competitive markets. Despite employers seeing the need for improved employee motivation, many of them are unable to develop tangible strategies to tackle the engagement objective. Many companies are encouraged to measure their levels of drive despite business performance being directly tied to employee commitment. To ensure that employee incentive remains a top priority in the organizational cultures, business leaders should invest in employee inclusion and equity. The capstone project establishes the relationship that exists between employee engagement and employee inclusion and equity providing avenues through which employers can improve their business performances. The capstone project also analyzes the different trends and effects of employee commitment and the factors that can help organizations improve employee motivation among under-represented groups of various populations. The employee engagement in various regions around the globe is also analyzed to bring out the effects of engaged and disengaged employees. The regional differences in employee enthusiasm are linked to the employee inclusion and equity by the societal trends such as technological changes,

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