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Name InstructorCourse Date Abstract The Canterbury Tales is the most critically acclaimed and famous of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer. It is a collection of oral tradition envisioned to be linguistically available to all. Having been written at a time when labor force was gaining leverage and merchants establishing their power over the legal wages, Chaucer was able to explore different culture by way of poetry. The merchant oligarchy Chaucer experienced when growing up controlled the aristocracy and the poor artisan groups. This paper assesses the elements of oral tradition that Chaucer puts forward. It delves into issues of social structures, ethical values, the form of ruling, natural catastrophes, and religious stands during the middle age. Given that the travelers originated from different parts of England, the paper assesses the variations in traditional behaviors, occupations, and intelligence. It also delves into the importance of oral traditions and how it was communicated from one person to the other through storytelling. Elements of Oral Tradition in Canterbury Tales Oral tradition is domain includes a variety of spoken form of tradition like the tales, riddles, songs, poems, myths and legendary stories. Their primary duty is to pass expressions and traditions from generation to the other. This information contains the values, social structure and cultural heritage of a given ethical group. Where some oral expressions are universal, many are limited to particular ethnic groups. It is usually a highly specialized practice and is mainly performed by special characters within the society regarded as guardians. Some poets and storytellers have, however,

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