When to suspect occupational asthma.

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When to Suspect Occupational Asthma Student’s name Institutional affiliation Course Date   Abstract Occupational asthma could be costly and chronic upon failure for early detection and diagnosis. This research article aims at exploring various aspects of its diagnosis in the work environment. It highlights different elements and agents in the workplace that expose workers to the risk of developing Occupational Asthma. Further, it highlights factors attributable to individuals and is causal to Occupational Asthma. The researcher provides clinical symptoms inherent in a person that suggests the occurrence of occupational asthma both in early and late stages. It also presents various diagnostic tests and techniques applicable to the diagnosis of sensitizer-induced OA condition. The research article also enumerates various weaknesses noted in the methodology with suggestions of conducting the research in a different approach. The criticism enables the researchers to highlight areas for new improvement. It is a crucial aspect of employee’s life about many adverse consequences attached to the patient both social and economic.   Introduction Asthma is one of the respiratory conditions that are common among Canadians which causes are related to allergic reactions of the body. Occupational asthma is directly attributable to workplace terms and exposures that affect workers in such areas. OA is further classified into ‘sensitizer-induced OA' that results from sensitization to a particular element and ‘irritant-induced OA' that results from exposure to an inhaled irritant. Also, factors in the workplace such as aeroallergens and irritants whose

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