What’s up With the American Dream?

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What is up with the American Dream? Name of Student Name of Institution What is up with the American Dream? Abstract The five texts will give an in-depth analysis of the American Dream and its influence on the lives of human beings. It offers information regarding the different perceptions of the American Dream, as understood by these folk. This paper will delve into both sides of the argument; depicting the benefits and drawbacks of achieving the American Dream. It will caution individuals about foregoing their dreams simply because of the falsified idea of success. Through an exploration of the American Dream, readers understand the importance of both material and emotive fulfillment in leading a successful life. In addition to understanding the positivity affiliated with the American Dream, the paper also gives an overview about the negative sides. Like in Amy Tan’s text, readers observe the feud between Jing Mei and her mother. It ensues from the latter’s misconception about the American Dream. The paper also offers a discussion about the symbolic nature of the same. Together with this, there is an in-depth examination of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman due to the text’s influence in understanding the American Dream. The protagonist will be a clear representation of the members that are brainwashed by success and the American Dream, as a whole. Inasmuch as the American Dream improves lives of most immigrants, it is important for them to maintain moderation while making the decision to achieve success. Unlike Miller’s protagonist, the paper will caution people about not exposing themselves to extremities, simply because of the American

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