what meaning does playing an instrument hold for individuals

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Psychology: Name of student: Name of institution: Introduction Playing a musical instrument is beneficial to individuals in diverse ways. A qualitative study conducted on this research developed these insights into key themes including Happiness, Memory Enlightenment, and Social Connect. This essay explores further benefits of playing musical instruments to individuals, and the advantages it has in their lives aligned to the key themes. Literature Review Scholars argue that playing musical instruments enhances excellent social skills. Joining bands and playing a musical instrument with family members also improve life-long relationships (Cohen et al., 2002). Concentration is necessary for individuals aspiring to be better instruments players. It is required to understand and shift tempo, rhythm, pitch, note duration, and sound quality. Music also promotes happiness, enabling people to enjoy and play together. Methods The qualitative study used in this research include an interview trying to understand what it means to play musical instruments for individuals. The findings of this analysis are further investigated to develop theoretical models exploring the themes of happiness, mental enlightenment, and social connection. Results Three key themes were identified including; Happiness, Mental Enlightenment, and Social Connect. Theme of Happiness The interviewee evidently explored the theme of happiness. Singing and playing musical instruments as part of the interviewee’s life. She began playing the piano at the age of six. After moving to Oxford, the interviewee joined the folk song society where she started playing and singing the guitar. The

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