what makes you capable of being nurse?

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Student’s Name Course Code Lecturer Due Date What makes me Capable of Being a Nurse? My strong desire, physical competence emotional and cognitive traits make me capable of being a nurse. I have prepared myself for the role of nursing my whole life. The preparation has included meeting the required academic qualifications and taking an interest in community service from a young age. My entire life, I have wanted to become a nurse. As far back as I can remember, I have had inspirational models to drive my desire to be a part of the medical profession. The intense passion and conviction mean that I am willing to work hard to be a nurse. The conviction also means that when I become a nurse, I am eager to work for my community regardless of the challenges I might face as a medical professional. I believe I possess the mental attitude, physical capacity, and emotional competence to become a nurse. My emotional qualification for nursing is inspired by observing my aunt and my uncle. My uncle is a doctor and my nurse is a nurse, both of them working in a poor community. In the village where my family lives, my aunt and my uncle have always inspired me because they derive satisfaction from helping the poor and unfortunate members of their community, regardless of the ability to pay. Part of the reason I want to become a nurse is a strong determination to follow in their example. This emotional attachment to childhood heroes prepares me for nursing because I have experienced firsthand the benefits of medical expertise in poor communities. As I mentioned earlier, I grew up in a poor community, where most people did not have access to basic healthcare. My aunt and

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