What makes a successful business leader? Explain how you have demonstrated these attributes.

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Name Professor Class 10 December 2016 Admission Essay All successful leaders have something in common Great Leaders understand people and understands what it takes to motivate them to success in their career paths. The successful leader assists the team in meeting all the goals set forth by the corporation. Leaders learn from others and share that knowledge with team members. Successful leaders will admit when a mistake happens and owns the mistake while teaching team members what went wrong and how to remedy the mistake. Successful leaders respect their team members, and in turn, the leader will earn the teams respect and cooperation of the team (Llopis, 1). Successful leaders are always open to discussions about new ideas. The skills listed above represents most of my personal list of qualities for exceptional leadership. I have acquired all these in my experiences while working in my father’s business, and as a 1st Lieutenant in a military academy. Each experience has made me grow as a leader and a human being. The only ones not mentioned are compassion and humility. I respect everyone’s right to have a say in any situation that affects him or her. Humility, because it is never too late to learn something new, or admit that I do not know the answer. I will spend all the time needed to find out. My best experience in leadership is doing community service in the area where I have lived during my career. I was taught from an early age that charity begins at home. We must help those who need the most first. It is always gratifying to assist people to have a better life by providing the tools to make that happen. My experience as a student leader

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