What limits Lottie from carrying out her plans is saving up

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Student Name Instructor Course Name Date The Richer, The Poorer by Dorothy West Understanding The aspect that limits Lottie from carrying out her plans is saving up for the future. She focuses on working hard and saving up for a better future (West). Bess was better off without children because of her poor economic status. According to the text, Bess and Harry lived like gypsies and were always on rags rather than riches and hence suggesting that having a child would have been a huge burden for them (West). Lottie being “trapped by the blood tie” refers to her sister’s situation whereby Lottie has no other option but to take care of Bess. Harry died and left Bess with nothing apart from his horn. Instead of abandoning her sister to wallow in poverty, Lottie becomes trapped by the blood tie to accommodate her (West). From an individual view, Lottie enjoyed cleaning up the house as it gave her a sense of duty especially since she was used to working before losing her job. It can be viewed that Bess made no comment on Lottie’s appearance, the food, and the house as she, was not much concerned with material wealth. As per the text, Bess only saw what she desired when she arrived at her sister’s home, a position in Lottie’s heart and house and hence illustrating that Bess focused more on intrinsic aspects rather than material things. The subjects of Bess could be both magnificent and lowly in regards to her life’s experience. The lawlessness can be attributed to the fact that she was poor and had no children. However, the magnificence can be associated with the love between Harry and her before his death. Interpretation The “time for

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