What leadership traits do you view as essential for working in the field of sustainability?

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Essential Leadership Traits in the Field of Sustainability Name of Student Name of Affiliate Institution Essential Leadership Traits in the Field of Sustainability Leadership may be understood to be the art of persuading a group of people to perform towards the attainment of a common goal. Sustainability has main aim at meeting the essentials of the present and most importantly without conciliating the ability of future generations to fulfill their desires and wants. To understand well sustainability, three pillars must be known: economic, social and environmental (Barth 2014). The following leadership traits are important in order to work in the field of sustainability: One should be flexible and curious. Curiosity can be naturally learned out from colleagues. You must hold to your key skills as you learn about new competencies that you need. Must be good to communicate through spoken words or persuasion of small groups. You must be able to lead through influence, built new and useful relationships. You should ready and eager to learn new things and practice what you have learned. Should be a person who pays attention to detail, quality, and results Lastly, the trait is that you must have passion. These traits may not differ so much from traits in other leadership positions. However, the difference comes because, with sustainability, great devotion is required. Acts are carried out with concern for not only the current situation but also the future state of events (Metcalf 2013). These sustainability traits are exhibited in “An Inconvenient Truth” in the following ways. Ai Gore portrays the following traits: Curiosity- desire to know how

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