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Name Instructor Course Date What I Have Learned This Semester Coming to the end of the semester is quite a remarkable achievement given the tricky balance between the rigor of class work and general fun within the school. As I finalize, writing up and handing in my last assignments, it would be befitting to reflect on the closing semester, especially, the positive impact of my professor and the great things learned. I will for a long time, treasure the memories of my English class given the much that I have learned, courtesy of my professor, as well as the fun- filled class sessions that only made it more than enjoyable. My professor of English has had a tremendous impact on me throughout the semester, teaching me in an excellent manner, and helping me appreciate and understand the various dynamics of social media. Social media has always remained an intriguing and attractive reality to me given the endless moments I spend online chatting up friends, exchanging photos, videos and memes across various platforms. I have literally remained glued to my phone during any of my free moments, always engaging on platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram and so forth, and just like every person my age, I had not engaged my mind on the various dynamics involved. My English class, this semester was thus a perfect opportunity to learn about and better understand social media, with my Professor going an extra mile to teach us in an engaged and even practical manner. I have thus come to appreciate the need to exercise caution and maximum restraint when using social media, and even the need to consult an adult person whenever anything seems to be in doubt regarding our

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