What is the role of the will in Dr. Faustus

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Student’s Name Professor’ Name Course Number Date The Role of Free Will in Dr. FaustusIn Dr. Faustus, Christopher Marlowe uses the story of a scholar with a tragic life to discuss the distinction between free will and fate. John Faustus, the main character in the play, seems damned after he resorts to black magic. However, after reviewing his case and numerous accounts of events, it becomes clear that the Doctor could have controlled the outcomes of the entire story. Through the art of necromancy, the doctor gains supremacy and understanding after he sells his soul to Satan (Marlowe & John, 120). What makes it clear that he does all that out of free will is the fact that he has endless warnings to seek forgiveness from God. Therefore, it is clear that Dr. Faustus had a choice and was, therefore, not damned from the beginning. To start with, he decides to follow necromancy even though both his good and bad conscience persuade him differently. His good conscience convinces him to repent and seek God’s forgiveness while his bad conscience persuades him to pursue wealth through the use of magic and Satanism. Therefore, there are two choices to make, but he is more convinced that when he has Mephistopheles standing on his side, there is no power that can be against him (Marlowe, 25). While it can be argued that he is experiencing inner conflict, it is quite obvious that he is given a clear choice. In fact, the good angel is never tired of visiting him and persuading him to repent, but he vows that he will never name God, pray to him or even look to heaven. From this defiance, there is no doubt that Faustus is very immovable on his decision (Marlowe, 102).

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