what is the most important colonial product: alcohol, tobacco, or timber

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Important Colonial Products: Alcohol, Timber & Tobacco Name Course Date Important Colonial Products: Alcohol, Timber & Tobacco Colonialism is when a country fully or partially takes over control of another country politically for economic reasons. Europeans are known as the earliest colonizers while America which was referred to as the New World, became amongst the first victims of colonialism. As the colonialists moved to discover and set up their colonies, they introduced new products which were of social, economic or political importance for their survival. Among the important products introduced by the colonialists in the new world were tobacco, alcohol, and timber. Each of these colonial products had its unique importance to the colonies, but their importance ranged depending on how they contributed to the survival. What was the most important colonial product among the three? In order to answer this question, it is crucial to understand their history as well as their uses and their contribution to sustainability. Then, a general comparison of their importance is made thus making it easier to draw a conclusion. Alcohol Alcohol was an important commodity that during the discovery and establishment of colonies. During their sail in search for New World, sailors would pack more alcohol than water in their luggage. This was mainly due to the belief that unlike water which would be easily polluted, alcohol was healthy as it would not be contaminated. In addition, they believed that analgesic and it increased their energy to work well for long and that it also increases their life span. By 1657, alcohol had become a paramount commodity in the new world

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