What is jazz?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Jazz Music Introduction Known to be one of the long, smooth sounding music, jazz has spread all over the world, from America to Africa and even Asia, it has been heard on radio plays, seen in the television entertainment news and on live performance. A music genus which was instigated back in the 19th c and early 20th c with the African American communities composed of both the West African and the New Orleans in the United States. Jazz is composed of two major music stylistics which are the blues and the ragtime. Most jazz artists develop their lyrics and music right as they perform and not as previously recorded (“What is Jazz?” n.p.). Although jazz music has its origin within the black, scholars around the world have acknowledged jazz as one of America’s original form of art. Different intellectuals have a diverse definition of jazz as music; for instance, critic Joachim-Ernst Berendt defines it as a form of music which has its roots from the United States through the understanding between the Negro and the European music. Travis Jackson also defined jazz as music that comprised of qualities like swing, creating, group interaction, emerging individual voice and being clear to different musical possibilities. Mark Gridley, (Author of jazz styles: history and analysis) defined jazz in four different ways; one, it's a strict definition this meant that swing and improvisation are compulsory, two, family resemblances, this meant that whatsoever seemed like jazz is jazz, and lastly he defined it as jazziness this means that it's a multidimensional concept. According to a book edited by David Ake Jazz/Not Jazz,

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